Our new internet!

As of 5/1/2022, I officially have Fast Internet!  When we bought our house, the fastest available internet was 20/2 megabits per second. This is kinda bad. We have 5 people, one of which needs to be on video calls all day, which on 20/2 is problematic. It took several seconds to load google.com.  During the pandemic, that dropped to 10/1 as our provider stopped offering aggregated connections.

Enter Ubiquity wifi shooter dishes!

As of yesterday, we installed some dishes on our fence post and the house of one of our neighbors with gigabit fiber. We then spent several hours trying to find the correct ethernet cable that led from outside to the server room, and learned how to wire RJ45 male plugs.  In the end, our speeds are about 200/30, and our neighbors have not yet tuned their end.