Neovim to VSCode

(Credit to limgangjae) I don't have a full-on "guide", but here's what I use:

1. Install vim-plug (, all of the following plugins can be installed using this
2. Install nerdtree for a nice filetree (
3. (Optional) Install auto-pairs for bracket autocompletion, kind of annoying sometimes <:kekW:771099622830637097> (
4. Install coc.nvim for autocompletion (
5. Install the vim-code-dark theme <:chad:969248882036977734> (
6. Install vim-airline for a nice looking statusline (
7. Add inoremap <silent><expr> <tab> coc#pum#visible() ? coc#_select_confirm() : "\<C-g>u\<TAB>" in your init.vimto use tab completion in coc
8. Add command BT belowright split | resize 16 | startinsert | term in your init.vim to open a terminal on the bottom right with BT (you can change it to whatever you want, but I find using caps for commands to be easier, because you're pressing : with shift to open command, and you don't need to un-press shift to write it)
9. Enjoy Neovim: The VSCode Experience
(Here it is in action; also my config :D)